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We pride ourselves in serving the community by providing sales of fine instruments, expert repair and restoration, a quality rental program, and lessons on all stringed instruments. Our focus at the Wyatt Violin Shop is on promoting the enjoyment of music and servicing the needs of music lovers in our community. Our goal is to provide quality repair and adjustment as well as offering new and reconditioned instruments for students and professionals alike.
The Wyatt Violin Shop is the largest purveyor of bowed stringed instruments in the Kansas City Area.

Allen Wyatt - Owner/Partner, Allen is a violinmaker and expert repairman. He heads up our workshop and supervises all of the work done. He has trained with some of the most experienced and influential makers and restorers in the country and has over 30 years of experience in restoration for instruments and bows. His violins are in demand and he is currently on about a one year waiting list for orders.  Our workshop instruments are a collaboration of Allen and Matt and have become one of our top selling instruments in that price point.  Allen continues to provide the highest quality work and the best customer service anywhere.  To inquire about his violins please email him here:

Matthew Wyatt - Owner/Partner with his father Allen.  Matt spends a lot of time on the bench doing repair work and tonal adjustments are one of his specialties. In addition to his Father, Matt continues to study restoration from many mentors.  He travels the country buying and selling instruments and hand picks every instrument and bow for the shop. He is an experienced professional musician and his passion for music is equaled in his interest in old instruments and bows. Matt has spent a considerable amount of time studying the market of antique instruments and bows and researching them. Continually building a network of other dealers, collectors, institutions & musicians as well as buying, selling, & trading instruments and bows has giving Matt expertise in the collectability of certain vintage instruments and the "Fair Market" value.  Holding virtually every job in the violin world has giving Matt the tools and experience and lead him down this path of becoming what a local news paper coined him as "The Violin Merchant".  If you are looking for a particular instrument he can find it for you! You can contact Matt at


Cheri Wyatt - Cheri is our office manager and oversees not only our book keeping but our rental program.  She is the person to talk to about your rental account and any questions you may have about our program or account questions. 


Kristen Tourville (Wyatt) - Kristen is a very experienced teacher as well as musician. She has her undergraduate degree in Violin performance from Vanderbilt University in Nashville , TN and her Master's degree in Performance and String Pedigogy from Northern Arizona University. In addition to leading orchestras as Concert Master she has toured with Ray Price, Willie Nelson, & Merle Haggard. She is registered to teach through book 10 in the Suzuki method but draws from many influences to cater her lessons to the individual student. She is a teacher trainer for Music Mind Games (MMG).  In addition to maintaining her private lesson studio, she helps direct students to finding the "right fit" with other teachers in the area; acting as a director for WVS lesson inquiries.  She travels the country teaching at institutes and is very active in the community hosting MMG teacher training sessions as well as working with other private instructors by organizing MMG workshops for both students and teachers.  For more information about Music Mind Games or private lessons contact Kristen at


Heath Tietjens - Heath came on board in 2016 and is family.  Being Matt's 1st cousin, and Allen and Cheri's nephew, he is working in many capacities in the shop.  He is apprenticing with restoration and is a rental technician.  

Keith George "George's Music Service II" - "Doc" Keith George has specialized in string instrument repair for many years.  He drops off and picks up here at our shop.  He is authorized to do warranty work for Martin & Taylor.  Call him direct at (816) 580-0892



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