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Barbara Rudolph - Fine Art Painting Blog

Click the link above to view a painting of this fine instrument

Another violin by Barb

We are excited to have a violin by Antonio and Hieronymus Amati in our shop.  The photographs used on the title page of the website are of this beautiful violin.  The owner very generously loaned the instrument to us for Kristen Tourville to use on her Masters Recital April 15th.

The violin was made in 1620 and bears the original Antonio and Hieronymus Amati label. Draley puts it as the work, almost entirely, as that of Nicolo Amati. The violin is known as the ex. C. Fowler Pickhardt as it is shown in the Moennig photo archive. The violin is made on the typical pattern of the Amati workshop at that time, measuring 351 mm in length.

This very violin is illustrated in two books:

The Fridolin Hamma Italian Violin Makers (very scarce book)
Karol Jalovec Italian Violin Makers

It has 4 certificates:

1931 Hamma & Co. Stuttgart (with photos)
1934 Georg Winterling Hamburg
1965 William Moennig & Son Philadelphia (with photos)
1998 Daniel Draley Fine Violins (with photos)

We would especially like to thank Bruce Babbitt (the generous owner) for this rare opportunity.

 (The violin is available and offered by Kenneth Warren & Son Violins in Chicago.)